Emerging Market Share Tracker


  • Some organisations use the wholesale channel as RTM to serve emerging market outlets which are difficult to reach.
  • This means that sales, market share and execution data downstream of the wholesale channel are not readily available.
  • There is a good understanding of shopper information and insights in the formal TEG channels, but this cannot be directly applied to emerging market shoppers.
  • The impact of ATL activity is impossible to quantify for the emerging market.
  • An accurate method of collecting sales and market share information is vital when determining strategy and investment.


  • Selection of a representative emerging market outlet sample by channel and geography.
  • Scanners are placed in selected stores which is used by shop owners to record sales.
  • The scanner is essentially a point of sale system doubling up as a till for the owner as well as being a source for prices of all products.
  • Dealers are monitored and incentivised to scan continuously.
  • Scanning information is synchronised and available to manufacturers.

Benefits to the customer

  • Sales and market share information can be seen by category, brand, pack size, region etc.
  • Sales can be seen by day, as well as time of day.
  • Information is available within a week of the sales activity.
  • The impact of ATL as well as promotional programs can be measured.
  • Competitor pockets of strength can be identified and targeted.
  • Dealers are provided with a monthly P&L to assist them in making purchase and pricing decisions.