Every Dealer Survey


  • There is no database of emerging market retail outlets in South Africa
  • Manufacturers tend to use the wholesale channel as a Route To Market for the Local and Traditional channel leaving them with no information as to the universe of outlets downstream of wholesale.
  • Manufacturers have no influence over the picture of success in L&T outlets.
  • There is no information on product availability, pricing, competitor activity etc.


  • Emerging market areas are targeted based on the size of the population present
  • Maps are obtained and surveyors walk every street within the relevant area to create a full database of retail customers.
  • Outlets are classified according to channel and consumer demographic.
  • Outlet details are obtained e.g. photographs, GPS coordinates, physical address, details of owner etc.
  • Critical information is obtained relating to important categories, how the outlet is supplied, competitor activity, forward share etc.

Information supplied

  • Total census of retail outlets within specified geographic areas.
  • Consumer demographic information by outlet.
  • Importance of various outlets.
  • Category/product/pricing/competitor information
  • Information on availability, forward share, point of sale material, price visibility etc

Benefits to customer

  • A full database of outlets for RTM considerations.
  • Product execution information at outlet level – what is stocked?
  • Insights on consumer demographics.
  • Insights on channel classification.
  • Understand supply points to the various geographic areas.
  • Have full visibility of the “size of the prize” and how/why to target certain outlets/geographic areas.