Execution Tracker


  • A large number of FMCG and pharmaceutical organisations compete for a limited amount of retail real estate.
  • Typically, the desired picture of success for an outlet is not achieved by the sales force.
    National account retailers over-commit shelf space, promotions and gondola ends and are rarely held accountable.
  • Companies don’t have an independent measure (internal or 3rd party) to track the progress of their sales force.
  • There are no pay-for-performance measures of execution by the sales force or retailers.
    Limited information is available on how well competitors execute and what promotional/discounting activities they are implementing.
  • Outlets across all channels are visited by an independent surveyor.
  • Important information relating to the picture of reality (availability, pricing, forward share, point of sale, display units, PDA’s, competitor activity) is captured on a handheld terminal and displayed in real time via the internet.
  • Execution gaps can then be identified and escalated automatically to the person responsible, e.g. an availability issue of a key brand with the rep, and non-compliance with
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Typical information supplied:

  • Availability by brand and pack
  • Pricing by SKU
  • Forward share by SKU or category
  • Competitor activity by any measure
  • PDA compliance level
  • Point of sale material/signage
  • Display units or asset tracking

Benefits to the customer:

  • Information can be seen at outlet, channel, geographic, account or sales territory level.
  • Parameters are set and any measures that do not comply are emailed to the relevant person(s) immediately.
  • Access to real time information on the level of execution in trade.
  • The ability to have informed discussions with national account customers in terms of measures committed to an independent tool to measure the effectiveness of the sales force.
  • Real time information relating to competitor activity and strategy.
  • The ability to introduce pay-for-performance initiatives with clients and sales force/agents.